Myers Plant Health Care, LLC
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Myers Plant Health Care, LLC
Serving Indiana, Southern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist - Tom Myers
ISA Certified Arborist - Ben Butler
B.S. Purdue University
Over 25 Years Experience

Services Include:
* Tree/Shrub Preservation and Care * 
 * Spraying * Fertilization * 
* Systemic Injection * 
* Integrated Pest Management *
 * Pruning * Lightning Protection *

Now scheduling for 2018:
Spraying, Fertilization, Tree Growth Regulators and Emerald Ash Borer Treatments.

This Maple Tree was treated for Manganese Deficiency September 2010
After treatment for Manganese Deficiency September 2011
Tom Myers is
"Your Tree M.D."

​These Norway Spruce were damaged from over use of pesticides which lead to spider mite injury.  August 2007
Norway Spruce after one targeted application used to control spider mites (retreatment has not been necessary). 
August 2010
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